Whether your bar is currently an idea or a dream, or already in operation we will work with you to find the correct suite of services to ensure success, and great cocktails.


Our team has developed many different concepts, and we will work with you to figure out the best fit for your vision, location and budget. Maybe that's a comfortable neighborhood lounge, an upscale cocktail parlor, or even a tiki bar--or something in between. We help you figure it out, and then make it happen.

Site evaluation and selection

We have looked at tons of spaces in many different markets, and will help ensure that your location will be appropriate for the needs of the concept.

Backbar layout and design

Nothing slows down a bar more than a poorly designed back-bar. It not only slows down service, but it hurts customer perception, reviews and revenue. We will make sure that your bar is laid out so bartenders can make drinks with maximum efficiency, speed and celerity.

Interior design and theme

To us, creating a bar is about creating an experience. It's more than just bottles, recipes and training. A well-designed bar is a cohesive experience, from the cocktail in your hand to the stool you're sitting on, the menu in front of you, the light fixture above you, and hundreds of other little details.

Start-up costing & pro-formas

Ultimately, a huge part of being a successful bar owner is about a careful management of your bar's finances. We've done it, and will help make sure you're fully equipped to as well.

Drink recipe and menu formulation

While all of the other things above are important, you cannot create a great bar without quality drinks. Our drinks have won awards and been featured in magazines, websites and books, and we can create new, custom drinks for you in our cocktail lab.

Bartender hiring & training

We have interviewed hundreds of bartenders, and designed numerous training programs of different scale and scope. As mentioned above, the quality of the drinks is paramount. We make sure your bartenders know how to make them, and also how to deliver the absolute highest level of service while doing so.

Operational oversight

We provide ongoing support that includes oversight of pour costs, operational procedures and continuing education training programs for staff, depending on the needs of the client.

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Not sure and need help figuring it out? Contact us and we can walk you through our process and find what would be the best fit for you.