Photo by Ryan Stuart Burns

Slings & Arrows brings together a diverse group of creative people who are passionate about great drinks.

We believe that the right cocktail or beer is a key part of many of life’s great moments, and we spend our days creating new and exciting spaces, flavor profiles and products for people to enjoy.

We are very design-focused, and we believe that truly great bars are the result of carefully considering many small decisions together to create something new and different.

Past projects have appeared in:

New York Times
Wall St. Journal
USA Today
Travel + Leisure
Imbibe Magazine
Toronto Daily Star
Men's Journal



Chall Gray

Chall is the creative lead for Slings & Arrows and focuses on business development, project management, and company direction. He has opened six bars, designed a series of lighting fixtures, and founded several other companies. His vacations tend to focus on going to cocktail bars. He is a fanatic about architecture, cocktails, design and, well, pretty much everything we do.


Jay Sanders

A nationally recognized touring musician, as well as international tech entrepreneur, Jay heads our operations side. When he’s not writing a custom software program for a client or making sure all the numbers are in the right columns he’s usually on an adventure somewhere like crossing the Himalayas by motorcycle or climbing glaciers in Iceland.


Lucia Gray

An acclaimed playwright, Lucia has a keen eye for strategy, aesthetics, and the overall scope of projects. She manages all of our day to day business affairs and basically keeps everyone on point. She loves a good Negroni, especially after a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We also have a talented group of mixologists, chefs, scientists, designers, architects and builders that we work with on a project-by-project basis, depending on the needs of the client.